Palócbaba Múzeum - Mátrafüred

Palócbaba Museum


Our collection has functioned as a permanent exhibition here in Mátrafüred since 1983. At the begining our showrooms took places at different addresses until we found the permanent place 10 years ago. Nowadays the collection can be seen at the building of the old primary school (Pálosvörösmarti street 2.). Szakács Józsefné started to collect the show-prieces 50 years ago. She travelled around the area of Palóc and bought the fancy works, textiles and folk costumes one by one in the villages. She elaborated the samplers that found there and her works were prised. She received the title of ‘Applied Artist of Folklore’. Her ‘passion of collecting’ was inherited by her grand-daughter, called Lovászné Juhász Rita, who studied as a costume designer. The purpose of Lovászné J.R. was the elaboration of the folk (palóc) costumes. She got prises for her treats on applications and exhibitions. In 1987 she received the title of Applied Artist of Folklore, as well. Designing the costumes she tends to transmite the folk traditions via the creation of wearable clothes.