palócbabák logó
It is typical in the Area Palóc that every village has its own costume with different patterns. You can see the variablility via the 30 dolls folk costume. For example, the collection has show-piece that wears a costume of a bride and another and another that is wearing the costume of a bridegroom, or you can see a mother who is rocking her child in a cradle while another woman is doing some baker's trade; you can also see "Máriás" girls, a woman who is wattleing or "guzsaly" with his husband or countrywomen returning from the fields. All of theese dolls show us the rustic lifestyle.
palócbabák mátrafüred 01

palócbabák mátrafüred 02

palócbabák mátrafüred 04

palócbabák mátrafüred 03